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January 26, 2018


Tim Greenway
Tim Greenway Photography

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What to Expect from a Professional Photographer


Great photograph can take your website and marketing pieces from hum-drum to stunningly engaging. If a business is creating branded content for the web, then skills of a professional photographer is a must-have to tell your story and captivate an audience.

Photographer, Tim Greenway, shares the skills, talent and hard-work that goes into professional level photography and create memorable images.

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional photographer to help tell your business story, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Every photographer has his or her own style and specific types of photography they create, from storytelling and journalism to commercial or event photography. Peruse their portfolio to learn about their style and skill level.
  • A professional photographer is organized, offers a variety of ideas for capturing an image, solves unexpected problems, knows how to control light and stage a setting, if needed. Ask the photographer about how they work and their processes.
  • Pricing can vary depending on the photography services being contracted. When you purchase the images, you are purchasing a license to use the photographs for specific uses. Ask the photographer exactly what digital files you’ll receive and how those images can be used. Copyright laws apply to ownership of the images so make sure you fully understand what you are contracting to purchase.
  • A lot of the magic with photographs happens in post-production. This step is where the photographer enhances the photographs by adjusting lighting, touches up the images, etc. This step is critical when a quality final product.
  • If you should need your images in the future, does the photographer store his or her older images in a safe place for retrieval later? If so, how long do they keep their images in storage?
  • What added benefits can your choice of photographer bring to the project? Does the photographer know a good make-up artist, if needed? Do they have ideas on location or access to a studio for commercial photographs?
  • Finally, is your photographer personable? Can you develop a working relationship with this person? Do they put their “models” at ease and help them feel comfortable in front of the camera? It’s important that there is a good working relationship between you and the photographer you hire.

Like every other creative talent, some photographers are more talented or professional than others. Of course, friends and colleagues are always a great way to learn about quality photographers in your area.

Tim Greenway brings over 20 years of photography experience to every shoot he does for a client. His background includes photojournalism, portraits, architectural and commercial photography. Tim can often be found shooting event photos for MaineBiz, the Portland Chamber and other organizations. See Tim’s portfolio at Tim Greenway Photography

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