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March 2, 2018


Sam Patel
Business Owner/Host
Inside the Bottle TV

Kyle Gravel
Inside the Bottle TV

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Video Marketing: How to Use Social Media to Attract Viewers

Getting great content in front of the right people is always a challenge. With the rapid increase in video consumption by customers, the natural place to post videos is on YouTube. But YouTube isn’t the only place to post your videos.

Sam Patel, business owner and host on Inside the Bottle TV, and Kyle Gravel, videographer, talk about the benefits of using YouTube and Facebook for sharing their videos.

The growth of YouTube in the past twelve years is nothing shorting of staggering. YouTube reports 1.5 billion monthly active users and is second only to Facebook. Viewers spend more than an hour per day watching YouTube videos on mobile devices. Check out this infographic with mind-blowing YouTube stats for 2017 on Social Media Today.

What is surprising is that Facebook’s video audience has outstripped YouTube with video posts increasing by 94% annually in the US, per Potential Facebook video audience is roughly 1.71 billion monthly active users and 3.8 billion daily views. These are jaw-dropping stats to be sure.

So which social platform to choose for your video marketing: YouTube or Facebook? Load your video to both channels and make sure you optimize each post so it comes up in searches.

Sam Patel, owner of Friendly’s Discount Beverage, and Kyle Gravel, videographer, talk about their experiences with video marketing for businesses and how they have used video marketing to engage with customers. You can catch their show “Inside the Bottle TV” on YouTube.

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