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January 31, 2018


Tim Greenway
Tim Greenway Photography

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Stock Images vs Professional Photography: Which is Better?

Need a quick image for social media or a blog article, then stock images may be the perfect choice. But if you’re developing a brand for a business, some level of professional photography should be used.

Professional photographer, Tim Greenway, delves into when it makes sense to use stock images and when it’s appropriate for hire a professional photographer.

There is definitely a place for stock photography in the content marketing mix. The problem with stock images is that the same image can be used multiple places. So, while an image may work perfectly in your blog article, it can work equally as well in someone else’s blog article. If you’ve ever scrolled through hundreds of stock images, you’ll start to recognize stock images in other people’s content marketing.

If you’re developing an online brand for a business, using stock photography can dilute your brand’s uniqueness and effectiveness.

Something else to consider with stock images is use and ownership. Attorneys Zeke Callanan and Tom Marlow spoke on this topic in a previous show, Branding, Trademarks and Clipart. When purchasing stock images, make sure you understand the restrictions for using the images.

Professional photography enables a brand to tell its authentic story. These images are created to dovetail with the brand message and become a marketing and business asset. Depending on the licensing agreement with the photographer, the images can be used in multiple marketing pieces and venues.

Of course, sometimes it makes budgetary sense to combine professional photography with stock images. So, while professional photography might be used for staff photos, work environment and products, stock images can fill in with images of a city, popular landmarks or groups of people.

If you keep your brand message in mind when using images in your content marketing, your marketing is bound to be engage with your audience and build your brand.

Tim Greenway bring over 20 years of photography experience to every shoot he does for a client. His background includes photojournalism, portraits, architectural and commercial photography. Tim can often be found shooting event photos for MaineBiz, the Portland Chamber and other organizations. See Tim’s portfolio at Tim Greenway Photography

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