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January 2, 2018


Jodi Flynn
Women Taking the Lead

Alison Harris
Harris Marketing Services

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Marketing Strategies that Deliver Results

How well do you know your customers? Probably not as well as you’d like. The most successful marketing strategies include in-depth knowledge of current customers or ideal customer. A successful marketing strategy is built around the needs of the customer.

Alison Harris of Harris Marketing Services talks about key components of successful marketing strategies that produce results overtime. Discussion points include customer profiles, building engagement and developing marketing funnels.

Knowing your current customer or ideal customer intimately is the first step for creating a marketing strategy that sparks engagement with your customers. Download our customer profile worksheet and read How to Create an Ideal Client Profile by Hubspot as a starting point for creating your marketing strategy.

Once you’ve developed your customer profile, tailor your content and marketing around their needs. Create blog articles, eBooks, videos and other content that provides answers to your customers most pressing questions.

Using a content calendar, create a schedule for producing content on a consistent basis so that you will have an inventory of quality content to share with your customers. This content is part of your business assets so take the time to develop a strategy for sharing and distributing articles, eBooks and other content in multiple ways through social media, email marketing, and other online venues. There are several online tools for creating content calendars or scheduling content, such as SmartSheet, Crescendo Content, and CoSchedule.

Two of the best ways to share content is through social media and email marketing. If your website platform does not include email marketing, there are several services available, such as Constant Contact and MailChimp. There are also tools for managing and scheduling social media posts and measuring activity. Popular social media management tools are Hootsuite, SocialSprout, and Buffer. By using these social media tools to manage your posts, you’ll not only be able to schedule posts but learn more about your customers from the comments they make on social media.

Obviously, planning a marketing strategy takes careful thought, research and the willingness to test new ideas to see which ones work the best. Sometimes small adjustments to a current marketing tactic can reap big results, such as changing the date/time for sending an email campaign, revising content format or including helpful videos and podcasts. The best marketing strategy will use content to naturally bring a customer through a marketing or sales funnel that increases leads and grows business.

Developing a successful marketing strategy will be rewarded with a strong return on your investment of time and money. Give it a try and let us know how it works out for you.

Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead, is a business coach, blogger, author of the book “Accomplished” and podcaster. She often works with Type “A” women in business. Alison Harris, owner of Harris Media Services, delivers content marketing services to B2B’s in the tech sector and is frequently tasked with the role of CMO.

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