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February 9, 2018


Sam Patel
Business Owner/Host
Inside the Bottle TV

Kyle Gravel
Inside the Bottle TV

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How to Use Video Marketing for Business Growth

People are talking about video marketing but is it really a good marketing tactic for businesses?

“For many years, video had literally “gone out of style”. It’s now the “comeback kid” of marketing as a way to tell stories about products and services, share testimonials, educate buyers how to use or maintain products , share product information and most of all, engage with customers.

Video is a mega trend”, states Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat have 20+biliion videos per day viewed by consumers. Wow!

Guests, Sam Patel shares his experience and success using video marketing for his retail store, Friendly Discount Beverage in Portland. Kyle Gravel, multi-media specialist, provide technical insight into producing quality videos.

According to Forbes magazine in their article “Top 10 Video Marketing Trends and Statistics Roundup 2017”, internet video traffic will be over 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 4 years. That compelling statics alone raises eyebrows on the power of video and where it’s heading in the future. Video watching is revolutionizing how businesses connect with their customers and how we communicate with one another.

While videos can be any length, stats show that videos shorter than 2 minutes get great viewership and are watched to the end 77% of the time. Longer videos can also be very effective in connecting with customers, but will likely keep viewers until the end only 37% of the time.

If we have convinced you yet that video marketing is a tactic you should consider for your business, then check out 16 video marketing benchmarks you need to know from You can also download their benchmark report on video marketing

Sam Patel, owner of Friendly’s Discount Beverage, and Kyle Gravel, videographer, talk about their experiences with video marketing for businesses and how they use video marketing to engage with customers. You can catch their show “Inside the Bottle TV” on YouTube.

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