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December 37, 2017


Jodi Flynn
Women Taking the Lead

Alison Harris
Harris Marketing Services

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How to Start a Successful Podcast with Jodi Flynn

If you’re considering using podcasts as a tool for connecting with potential clients or as a stand-alone program, getting started may be easier than you think.

Jodi Flynn, blogger, author, podcaster and business coach at Women Taking the Lead, offers some great tips on how to get started with podcasting. Jodi’s podcast was recently recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top podcasts for women in 2017.

Running a successful podcast takes commitment and passion but can offer long-term results not found with other marketing tactics. The Edison Research Consumer Podcast 2017 Report shows that podcasts have consistently risen in popularity over the past few years and continues to climb.

Podcasts have many of the same qualities as an old fashion radio show except they can be downloaded on the listeners time schedule. Create a professional sounding show that listeners will look forward to hearing regularly.

Connecting with a community of podcasters is critical to getting started. A good community can provide technical support and share insights critical to the success of a new podcast. From a technical standpoint, getting started may be as simple as using a good computer and buying headphones. A long-term program takes planning, scheduled time and in-depth knowledge of the target audience so that content can be produced that resonates with them.

A quality podcast won’t be successful unless it has regular followers and an expanding audience. As part of a marketing strategy for your podcast, identify your podcast distribution channels and post your podcast on a regular schedule so listeners know when to expect your next show. Podcasts can be hosted on Apple Podcasts or Google Play, or other websites and may be monetized. Social media plays a big part in sharing recent podcasts with the audience so creating a strong social media strategy is vital.

Check out the resources below to learn about the software needed to produce a podcast.

Podcast Resources:

Free Podcast Course from Entrepreneur on Fire:

Podcaster's Paradise:

She Podcast's Facebook Group:

By the way, John Lee Dumas started his podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, in Portland, Maine interviewing local entrepreneurs. He now interviews entrepreneurs for well-known national brands. His program is one of the top-ranked podcasts nationally.

Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead, is a business coach, blogger, author of the book “Accomplished” and blogger. She often works with Type “A” women in business. Alison Harris, owner of Harris Media Services, delivers content marketing services to B2B’s in the tech sector and is frequently tasked with the role of CMO.

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