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February 23, 2018


Sam Patel
Business Owner/Host
Inside the Bottle TV

Kyle Gravel
Inside the Bottle TV

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How to Get Started with Video Marketing

Creating a business video doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. It can be as simple as using your cellphone to capture a business event or to shoot a quick testimonial. Telling a story may be more involved. The important thing is to create video content that keeps viewers engaged.

Sam Patel, business owner and host on Inside the Bottle TV, and Kyle Gravel, videographer, talk about how they create videos for marketing online.

According to a recent Hubspot post, 16 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform you Q4 Strategy,” 53% of people want to see more video content from marketers”. This number continues to grow each year. In a previous post, we included stats that showed Facebook video viewing significantly outstripped YouTube.

Initially, you can start shooting video with your cell phone or basic digital camera and a tripod. Videos should be short – anywhere from 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes would be good to start. Most viewers do not have the time to watch a long video. Once you have some success with creating and distributing your videos, you may want to upgrade your equipment to include a professional camera, tripod, microphone and lighting kit. provides a handy article on equipment, The Ultimate Video Marketing Studio (on a budget).

The next step for creating a video is editing. There is software for editing offline, such as Adobe Premier and Movie Maker for PC or Final Cut Pro for Apple. You can also edit video on YouTube and Facebook to a certain degree. Both Vidyard and Wistia provide online tools for editing videos plus valuable insights into viewer behavior if you host your vide on their platform.

Most videos have a branded intro, the main story and credits or branding at the end so plan your video in advance of shooting. Planning ensures a quality video for social media or other types of marketing. Lighting and sound are critical for a quality production so plan these aspects of the production carefully. It may take several shoots to capture the story but once you get the hang of it, production should go much smoother and faster.

When first starting video marketing, allow plenty of time to learn the equipment, editing software and process. Once you have this down, then producing a quality marketing video should go smoothly and efficiently. So … when are you going to try video marketing for your business?

Sam Patel, owner of Friendly’s Discount Beverage, and Kyle Gravel, videographer, talk about their experiences with video marketing for businesses and how they have used video marketing to engage with customers. You can catch their show “Inside the Bottle TV” on YouTube.

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