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January 18, 2018


Tim Greenway
Tim Greenway Photography

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How Stunning Images Engage Visitors

We’ve all seen it; a photo that grabs our attention and pulls us into a story. Great photography touches our emotions, is memorable, completes a story or tells its own story.

Professional photographer, Tim Greenway, talks about the importance of using images for websites and social media and how images used on the web has changed over the years.


Quality photographs and other images are a vitally important communications tools that words a lone can’t deliver. As humans, we’re wired to be visual and there is scientific evidence to support how visual people really are. Studies show that people process visual information 60,000 faster than written content. Using stunning images on websites, in social media and in marketing materials is a natural way to communicate with an audience.

Stats on Visuals on Websites and Social Media

  • The stats show that blog articles with a quality image every 100 words get double the social shares. 
  • 71% marketing professionals use images for their social media content.
  • Facebook posts with images earned 87 percent of all engagement. 
  • In 2018, 84% of communications are expected to be visual.

With the volumes of content shared on the web and through social medial, brands need to know their audiences and share visual content that appeals to their group of followers. Visual images are shared more on social media, which is a desired outcome for businesses and brands.

If you're thinking of adding more visuals to your web content, here are a 15 ways visuals can tell your brand's story. So what kind of photography and other images does your business or brand use to reach your audience?

Tim Greenway bring over 20 years of photography experience to every shoot he does for a client. His background includes photojournalism, portraits, architectural and commercial photography. Tim can often be found shooting event photos for MaineBiz, the Portland Chamber and other organizations. See Tim’s portfolio at Tim Greenway Photography

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