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March 17, 2018


Dan Sexton
Horizon Digital Marketing

David Pride
Social Impressions

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Driving Traffic to Your Website: Google & Facebook Trends - Advertising

Like other types of online marketing, social media and PPC ads are changing at a mind-boggling rate. These marketing tactics are also some of the most consistently effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

David A. Pride, Social Impressions, and Dan Sexton, Horizon Digital Marketing, share their thoughts on the big changes they are seeing in social media and digital advertising.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now delivering real-time data that marketing pros can use to provide personalized marketing to specific audiences. AI and machine learning are increasingly playing a stronger role in Google and Bing advertising, according this Search Engine Land report.

Recently, Facebook had released a seismic shift in how posts on business pages will show up in their follower’s newsfeed. This shift will reduce the free exposure businesses have been getting and encourage business owners to use more paid advertising to reach their audiences.

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