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Confused about marketing? You’re in good company. Some of the brightest and hardest working business people are not sure what marketing and branding are and how the web can help them grow their business.

Marketing Buzz TV is built on the idea that business owners could use some honest answers about marketing: what it is, what it isn't and how to spend their marketing dollars wisely. Through interviews with local marketing experts, Alexandra Heseltine will help viewers learn about marketing from pro's working in the industry.

With over 25 years of design, marketing and video background, Alexandra Heseltine, is well equipped to guide conversations with experts on a variety of marketing topics from branding and the web to digital and traditional marketing. 

A techie and communications buff, she has used email marketing for 10 years and social media for 8 years to reach customers using great content. She has also organized newsworthy events and marketing involving state, regional and international dignitaries. Her experience ranges from non-profits and healthcare to established small to mid-sized businesses, construction, real estate, law and banking.

Alexandra is owner of GCMD, a web design, branding and marketing agency in Portland, Maine and has won a several  web design and branding awards.

In her spare time, she likes reading marketing books, gardening, collecting antique English bone china, traveling to new places, baking goodies, spending time with friends and family and riding her motorcycle.

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